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resi_evil_5's Journal

Resident Evil 5
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Resident Evil 5
Welcome to the unofficial Resident Evil 5 LiveJournal community! We have just a few rules in order to keep everyone satisfied, so please take a quick look at them, and then post away!

Spoilers - Under a cut. If you place a spoiler outside of a cut, it's a one week ban. There are people who don't want to be spoiled and we're not going to allow you to ruin it for everyone. Yes, even 'tiny, little' spoilers count. Don't know how to make one? Check the 'helpful links' at the bottom of the community info.

Theories - Theories, like spoilers, under a cut. You base theories on spoilers, so ... seems about right.

Don't know what to post?
[+]Fanart/Fanfiction - Must be your own, or you must properly credit the author/illustrator. Please use ratings where applicable. Art must be 300x300 outside a cut (like a teaser). Fanfiction must be under a cut, but a teaser paragraph is allowed. If either contain spoilers, under a cut.
[+]Icons - Must be your own. No stealing and claiming it's yours. You're allowed to post 3 teasers outside of a cut.
[+]Graphics - Headers/banners, wallpapers, .gifs, that good stuff. All must be under a cut.
[+]Tips/Tricks/Hints - Working on a guide? Figured something out that you think others aren't aware of yet? Share, but do so with caution! Postings of these nature are preferred under a cut.
[+]Interesting sites with extra/other information about Resident Evil 5.

Do NOT Post or you will piss us off
[-]Things that belong in other communities.
[-]Spam. This includes advertising other communities, unless it's been cleared with a moderator.
[-]If you've played the game pre-release where you live, do NOT brag about that. We don't want to know, nor do we care about your illegal activities.
[-]In the same vein, no posts about obtaining the game illegally or asking how to.
[-]Derogatory comments about other members. If you don't like them, take it elsewhere. We will call you out on it, too.

Helpful Links
LJ-Cut - don't know how to make one? Click here and find out!
Resident Evil 5 Official Page
Resident Evil 5 Wikipedia Page
Xbox 360 Resident Evil 5 Forums

argh4itchytasty, czarina_boomkat.
Do NOT contact the mods at their LiveJournals. Instead, contact them at the appropriate post.